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AWR Warehouse adding host fails with ORA-20233..Or..”Just Add The Darn Thing..”

When happily adding hosts to the AWR Warehousing, some ex-RAC One nodes didn’t seem willing to be added.. When looking in the log file from OEM /oracle/omsbase/em/EMGC_OMS1/sysman/log/emoms.log The following entry came, just after adding the host: 2015-09-23 14:29:37,842 [[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: … Continue reading

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AWR Warehousing setup on DB..Or..”Quick, Hide The Evidence!”

When the SYSAUX started to fill up AGAIN during my absence of leave, I’ve kind of had it…Already toying with the idea to create some procedure to offload all the stats into another database, it seemed Oracle had the same … Continue reading

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SYSAUX Filling Up Rapidly..Or..”Let’s Clean It Even Faster!”

Every once and a while the SYSAUX fills up on some test database due to various obscure reasons. And most of the times I need to get rid of the contents of SYSAUX FAST! Normal procedures takes AGES, and although … Continue reading

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