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Java coding has to have it’s own place…It deserves is… does.. ;-)

Java, SSHJ and EDDSA..Or…”Where Did I Left My Keys?”

For a long time I kept putting Oracle Database related posts, but as one can see in my profile, I also love to dabble with Java programming..While developing a custom way of getting an alert for a specific purpose (OEM … Continue reading

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To Convert or not to Convert…to the Wholy Iphone!

Hi guys, I just wanted to share a thing, and we’ll see if how this is working out… I have an Iphone..I’m not ashamed of this, but I’m also not an Apple evangelist either..What is mostly like about this piece … Continue reading

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I did it again…I lost my keys!

Every once and a while I need to sign my jar files. Mostly when I start a new project I set this up, and as long as it’s working I never look at it again…until I need to set up … Continue reading

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Jar Manifest Security Exception – What The !?

The other day (just when I needed to release some software, and the stakes where high, of course..) I needed to just drop a JAR file on a Tomcat server and the testing could begin…where it not for the fact … Continue reading

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Pdf and Swing – a locking relation

In a program I had the need to create and display a PDF file in a Swing JPanel. To my horror there are not may tools/API’s out there which would accommodate my needs: just the display of a PDF file … Continue reading

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