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Installing Oracle 12.2.01 On Oracle Linux 7.4..Or..”The Story Of The Tainted Kernel”

When moving from Oracle to a new Oracle 12c environment, we wanted to build everything on the latest and greatest levels…Little did we know we would run into quite a snag.. We installed Oracle Release 7.4, with all the … Continue reading

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Oracle 12c DBUA ORA-01031: Insufficient privileges..Or..”Oracle Really Knows How To Test One’s Nerves..”

During a test run of an upgrade with the DBUA, everything was peachy..did some tests, and some other thingies..Multiple terminals open like anyone not working on Windows does..Started the DBUA 12c just fine…found out: hey, you need to have extra … Continue reading

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The ASM ora-04031 error, better known as: Adding more disks to an ASM Instance than there is memory..

To accommodate a change of strategy¬† I needed to add an additional 20 disks to the current ASM instance I had running..This needed to be done in the shortest time possible, and when the Storage and Linux Admin where done, … Continue reading

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When Adding A Node To RAC fails..Or.. “Try It Again, Sammy!”

Normally when adding a new node to a RAC Cluster is fairly simple, provided one keeps the OS the same, and specifically the Linux kernel EXACTLY the same..But as always, it’s different in the real world where reality is creating … Continue reading

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Clone Database From NetBackup…Or..”Where Is The Tape, Watson?”

When cloning a live database, this has it’s impact on the live door, I know, but still, it’s a fact. This is not always what we want, since the users can have a lot of issues and even on … Continue reading

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Add Database Resource To Grid Control..Or..”Is Grid Losing Control?”

In normal circumstances when you have the Grid infrastructure installed (or Oracle Restart, or ASM) when a database is created, it will add a resource to the GC (Grid Control) and all is well. But when doesn’t happen, be prepared … Continue reading

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Upgrade Oracle RAC GRID + Database from to…Or..”Let’s Run The Gauntlet!”

One tries to evade the inevitable..but there will always be one day when you just have to do it…upgrade the database and/or grid software. Since the support of is ending, see below: However we want to take things SLOW…and … Continue reading

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