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DBUA 12c Reports Database Down While It’s Up..Or..”The only way is up! – Yazz- “

After doing meticulously doing the pre-upgradeĀ  steps on a RAC converted to single instance node, we finally could get started on the actual upgrade. The initial idea is to use the DBUA, since it automates a lot of steps, and … Continue reading

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Oracle 12c DBUA ORA-01031: Insufficient privileges..Or..”Oracle Really Knows How To Test One’s Nerves..”

During a test run of an upgrade with the DBUA, everything was peachy..did some tests, and some other thingies..Multiple terminals open like anyone not working on Windows does..Started the DBUA 12c just fine…found out: hey, you need to have extra … Continue reading

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Oracle 12c CDB/PDB Initial Setup..Or..”Let’s ROLL!”

Installing the oracle 12c software is fairly straightforward *ahem*. But some small things did change..Of course when installed, one wants to dive in as soon as possible, like I do..but somehow I keep being sidetracked with searching on: “How does … Continue reading

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