SQL Developer..Or..”Let’s Be Friends Again..

Every so often, when running SQL Developer on Linux (Ubuntu), the cursor just decided to have a day off, and would just disappear. When just doing some edits, this was cumbersome, annoying as **** , but doable..However, I never really got to appreciate all the finesses and good options SQL Developer had to offer, due to this behavior..

I’ve used different versions along the years, and since I refuse to maintain Oracle databases on Windows platforms or at least manage them from a Windows platform, this issue kept creeping up on me… Until I finally start to think hard and loud..What could be the reason why sometimes this would occur not at all, and sometime right away, or after a random amount of time…

Still…No clue.. 😉

What I DO know now is this: It is to solve with a simple setting in the user prefs of the account running the SQL Developer.

In the user home open the following file:


Add the following line:
AddVMOption -Dsun.java2d.opengl=true

In my case this is the only “active” line in the whole file.

Restart SQL Developer…and get acquainted with a cursor who is actually willing to stay and work with you…

ps: yes, I need to upgrade…I know.. 😉

About GemsOfProgramming

Beeing a previously enthusiastic Java programmer, I rolled into the Oracle Database Administration world. It turned out I got a knack for this, and since approx. 2000 I'm a full time DBA. My experiences touches lot of Oracle products like Forms and Reports 9/10, JDAPI, Application Server, Weblogic Fusion and of course: Oracle Enterprise Databases, JavaFX, Swing and other Java components.
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