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Speed Up ASM Disk Movement From SAN To SAN..Or…”I Like To Move It, Move It!”

Sometimes in IT planning is just a bit off..So one day we found we ran out of speedy disks and it was cheaper to migrate (OK, OK, consolidate) the storage. In short: we needed to move a couple of databases … Continue reading

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Restarting Node After Active Data Guard Removal…Or: Where Did My Instance Go!?

Last week we removed the configuration from a test system, where we didn’t had the luxury to scrap it. And how hard could it be? Just disable the transport of the log-files, no force logging and replace the log_archive strings … Continue reading

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Building A Single Instance Physical Standby For A RAC Primary…Or..Active Dataguard, Save My (Daily) Data!

Today we are going to embark on the adventure of building an Active DataGuard database (the “standby”) with a two-node RAC as the source (the “primary”). There are countless other blogs out there with information regarding these kind of implementations … Continue reading

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Remote connection to database in mounted state..Or: “Lemme in!!!”

Sometimes it is necessary to remotely login to a database which is in mounted mode. An example would be when an RMAN duplicate from active database is attempted. But when an instance has a status of BLOCKED in the listener, … Continue reading

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