Come on…OEM DBConsole…just START “Raccing” already!

ok, this was nagging me for a while now, and now I decided to make quick matters of this…Ever had the situation where after install the OEM Dbconsole was running, but after a reboot, it just doesn’t want to start? And the only solution seems to be to reinstall all the software to never boot the server again? Of ditch OEM Dbconsole altogether?

Well.. I almost took the latter option, however OEM Dbconsole does have it advantages, mostly for colleagues, or persistent lead developers who need some insight in the database, but you don’t want to have sqlplus access..

The secret in starting the OEM Dbconsole is in these two parameters:

– ORACLE_SID=testdb1

Of course ORACLE_HOME env setting still apply, but these above two needs to be correct in order to start OEM Dbconsole. In case of a RAC setup, make sure the ORACLE_UNQNAME is de the name of the database, and the SID is the name of the NODE where you start the Dbconsole..

As a small assist when the UNQNAME is unknown, log in the database as sys and execute this command:
SQL> select db_unique_name from v$database;


When all is set correct, issue the command below from the commandline as the user Oracle (assuming this is the account used when installing the software):

$emctl start dbconsole
Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Database Control Release
Copyright (c) 1996, 2011 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Starting Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Database Control …… started.
Logs are generated in directory /oracle/base/db/dbhome1/testdb/sysman/log

Good luck!


About GemsOfProgramming

Beeing a previously enthusiastic Java programmer, I rolled into the Oracle Database Administration world. It turned out I got a knack for this, and since approx. 2000 I'm a full time DBA. My experiences touches lot of Oracle products like Forms and Reports 9/10, JDAPI, Application Server, Weblogic Fusion and of course: Oracle Enterprise Databases, JavaFX, Swing and other Java components.
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