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VIm…the swiss army knife in editor land..

If you ever find yourself in need of joining lines, because some spool file output went wrong..May I suggest the VI editor? For example, to get this mess below fixed, follow along.. CREATE UNIQUE INDEX “PIETJE”.”TGBIED110900$IDX1″ ON “PIETJE”.”TGBIED110900″ (NLSSORT(“T$SERN”,’nls_sort=”GENERIC_M”’), “T$UPID”, … Continue reading

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Dumping the spool..from the pits of SQLPlus..

When spooling some large lines from the database with the command line (ie: sqlplus) in order to do some manual editing with say, vi.. it would be nice to have some structure to the output of the database. After a … Continue reading

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“Get here ASM!Intermediate!” … huh?…

This post is more¬† solution based, since the issue I had, was resolved faster than I had the time to analyze the cause. This is most of the times the case when a production database is involved, and yes, I … Continue reading

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ASHes to ash…or when ASH stops working…

Oracle claims one can change the time of the Operating System without affecting the database.¬† This is somewhat true, since I have done this in the past, for when an OS was off by about 15 minutes… This story started … Continue reading

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